Who is chuckdiesel?

In today’s world, the human experience is too often comprised by negativity, hate and criticism. We see it every day – whether it is in real-life situations or online and the constant exposure to negative energy can be discouraging and exhausting. The sole focus of ChuckDiesel is to reduce the impact of these stressors and to promote positive change in human interaction by encouraging love, positivity and community.

In his art, ChuckDiesel creates an environment for fans to interact on higher frequencies. Unlike typical electronic shows, Chuck and the DieselCru craft an experience for fans to strip their egos and stereotypes and let love consume. Through high-energy, face-melting, freeform bass sets that include searing drops and crunchy basslines, ChuckDiesel is a long-time Cincinnati favorite. He repeatedly sells out his own shows and is support for national touring artists like Flux Pavilion, Buku, Of The Trees, Jansten, Lucid, Graves and Party Thieves. His resume also includes music festivals Spring Awakening, Breakaway, Haunted Fest, Ubahn and #FEST.

The foundation of ChuckDiesel as an artist is for his fans to promote love and acceptance amongst each other and to inspire the same positive effect in their everyday lives. So, come out and dance and tell us, “will you throw away your ego and become love?”

ChuckDiesel Productions


-Cincinnati, OH